Add Media First

After adding media to a content editor (WYSIWYG), you can add a caption and change the alignment of the media item.

1. After you've added an image, audio, document, or video to Body or Content fields using the Media button [1] in the WYSIWYG content editor, you can set the alignment and add a caption.

2. Click Edit media [2] at the top left of the media item.

3. On the Edit media screen, choose an option to Align [3] the media item.

4. Select the Caption checkbox [4] to add a caption.

5. Display Options: You can change the size of media items. The Display options include: Default, 1/2 column width, 1/3 column width, and Full column width.

6. Click the Save [5] button.

7. Enter Caption [6] in the area provided.

Screenshot showing fields for aligning a media item and adding a caption