Set up a new user's account before they can access and edit the site.

(* = required field)

1. Go to People in the main navigation menu.

Screenshot of People section


2. Once you're on the People page, click Add user.

Screenshot of Add user button

3. Email address: Add the user's Duke email address (e.g., or

4. Username*: Add the user's NetID email address (

5. Password*: You must enter a password in order to create the account. Please create a strong, unique password using the Secure Password Guidelines. However, this password will not be used to log in - the user will authenticate to the site with their NetID and NetID password.

6. Status: Leave this as the default "Active" value.

Screenshot of fields to complete for a new user account

8. You will need to add Roles to each user's account. Refer to our User Role Definitions guide.

9. Click the Create new account button