(* = required field)

1. Navigate to Structure > Taxonomy [1] in the main navigation menu.

Screenshot of Structure menu showing Taxonomy


2. Click the List terms [2] link next to the Taxonomy you want to edit.

Screenshot of Taxonomy page and list terms link


3. To change the order of terms, use the drag & drop handles [3] to drag terms above or below other terms. To edit a Taxonomy term, select Edit or Delete [4].

  • Note: If you decide to delete a taxonomy term, many pieces of content may be tagged with that term and will be affected. You may get an error anywhere you referenced that term. Be sure that you do in fact really want to delete the term before doing so.
Screenshot of taxonomy terms showing Edit link


4. To edit a term, you can change the Name* [5] and/or Description [6] of the term.

  • An edited term Name will automatically update anywhere it appears dynamically on your site. You will need to manually update any references or links to the term Name in your content.
  • The Description of the term will only be used on the administrative side of your site (i.e., it will not display on the front-end for users to see).
Screenshot of taxonomy term showing Name and Description fields


5. If needed, deselect the Published [7] checkbox. Click Save [8].