Connect to Duke's VPN

First, make sure you are on the Duke network or Duke's virtual private network (VPN). This is required to access your Drupal administrative site.

Login to Your Drupal Admin Site

For entering content, you will be using Drupal's administrative site:

  1. Go to: https://[yourdomain]
  2. Click the Shibboleth login link. Multi-factor authentication is required.
Screenshot of Login link

Toolbar Menu

The toolbar menu across the top of the screen lets you add, edit, and delete content; change your menu navigation structures; and add or edit user accounts.

  1. Click on the Manage icon.
  2. Directly below the Manage icon, there are three menu options available to use:
    • Content: Add, edit, and delete content.
    • Structure: Change menu navigation structures.
    • People: Add or edit user accounts.

Note: While the Configuration menu option displays, you will not have access to any configuration options. Drupal defaults to showing the Configuration menu option even though these options are only for developers to use.

Screenshot of the Drupal Toolbar Menu, with Structure dropdown shown

Log Out

To log out, click on your Username (to the right of the Manage menu) and select Log out.

Screenshot of Log out link