First Steps for Site Admins


Site Access & Users

The first step to website creation is making sure the people in your group have the correct roles to create & manage website content.

Learn How to Give Your Team Site Access

Edit the Site Footer

Add your unit's Contact Information, Menu links you want to highlight, highlight a donation link or Newsletter sign-up, and social media.

Learn How to Edit the Footer

Setting Up Site Taxonomies

'Taxonomy' on a website is the use of terms to organize and connect content. Planning your website taxonomy makes both searching & filtering website content easier.

Learn about Taxonomies

Quick Guides for All Users

Your content is the heart of your website. Within the Content Basics section, you will learn how your website works, and well as how to perform basic content management tasks, such as:

  1. How to find existing content
  2. How to schedule content
  3. How to add Links or a Table

Review our handy guide to content best practices, guidelines, and resources for site admins and editors.

A content type is a reusable set of data fields that are packaged into a "type" of content that can be used and displayed consistently throughout your site.

For a detailed list of content types, visit the Content Type Options section.

Content blocks are pre-formatted building blocks that you can configure and arrange in many ways to customize your site's visual layout and content. 

There are many different content block options enabling you to layout pages in many different ways. This Content Block Visual Guide shows what's available on the Story and Page Content Types.

For a detailed list of available content blocks, visit the Layouts & Content Blocks section.

List pages display all items from certain Content Types in an at-a-glance view. A list page is generated automatically by the Sites Pro System. With taxonomies set up, a List Page can be filtered by categories.

If a Content Type has an associated list page, the URL of the List Page is pre-determined in Sites Pro. The List Page URLs quick guide has a table that shows this information.

Here is an example of a News List Page, showing all News available with Filters. Your News List Page would live at https://[yoursite].duke.edu/news.

A list of which Content Types have automatically generated list pages, and their URLs, is available on the List Page URLs quick guide.

Sites Pro supports many types of Media uploads. Learn how to upload and manage the different types on your site:

Review the Image Size Options guide for optimal image ratios and tips for resizing images prior to uploading.