Account for Publishing Delays When Scheduling Content

There is a delay between when you publish new content in Drupal and when end users can see it live on the front-end website. Because of this delay, scheduled times will NOT be exact.

When scheduling content to publish/unpublish, we recommend a 1-hour grace period for the change to appear on the live site. For example, if a piece of content must be live by 9 a.m., set the publishing time for 8 a.m.

Open Scheduling Options Section

  1. Navigate to your content item.
  2. Open the Scheduling options expand/collapse section.

Select Date & Time

  1. Publish on: Enter the date and time that you would like this content item to be published.
    • Important: Refer to the "Account for Publishing Delays When Scheduling Content" callout above.
  2. Unpublish on: If applicable, enter the date and time to unpublish a content item.

Note: Content items default to being automatically published. However, if you use the Scheduling options, the content item will remain unpublished until the date and time scheduled to be published (even if the Published checkbox is selected).

Screenshot of Scheduling options