From the administrative Content screen

  1. Go to Content in the main navigation menu.
  2. Select criteria to filter by including Title, Content type (see list of content types), Published status (Published, Unpublished), and Authored By.
  3. After you've selected criteria to filter by, press your Enter/Return key or click the Filter button.
  4. Click the Reset button to remove any filters that have been set.
  5. You can also sort the list of Content by selecting one of the following column headings: Title, Content Type, Author, Status, or Updated.
Screenshot of the Content page showing filters and sorting options

From the Preview pane

Logged-in users can review content in the Preview pane on the administrative Drupal site. You can click through the site's navigation within the Preview pane and click on Edit in the magenta bar beneath the menu to update a piece of content.

Screenshot indicating the Edit button on the Preview pane