A content type is a reusable set of data fields that are packaged into a "type" of content that can be used and displayed consistently throughout your site.

Most content types are used to create individual content items that will then display on a Content Type List Page. A list page is a single database page, displaying all items of a specific content type (e.g., the /news page displays a list of all News items). List pages may include 1-2 filters (e.g., checkboxes allowing you to filter all News items by Category).


Content TypeDescriptionDefault List Page*
AnnouncementShort notifications that are informational or provide a call-to-action or warning; displays like an alert barnone
Blog Post   Articles or commentary written by one or multiple authors/blog

Upcoming events imported from the Duke Event Calendar by group or relevant tags and/or added manually



FAQQuestion and answer expand/collapsenone
NewsTime-sensitive articles, press releases, or external news stories added manually or pulled from a Duke Today feed/news
PageInformational pages of content and media (typically the bulk of site content); layout can be customized by site editorsnone
ProfileShort biographies of internal staff or content authors/staff
PolicyFiles uploaded to your site or links to guidelines on your site or external sites/policies
ProjectActivities, research, or team projects/projects
ResourceAdditional information that users can explore – allows files, URLs, audio, video, and descriptive text/resources
Scholars ProfileFaculty, instructor, clinician, or researcher profile pages pulled from Scholars@Duke (placement is based on Preferred Title field in Scholars data)



StorySimilar to News but for longer-form content; layout can be customized by site editors/stories

* These default Page Titles and URL Aliases of List Pages can be customized by Site Admin users.