Projects are activities, research, or team endeavors that work toward a specific goal. 

Users must have the Project Creator or Project Reviewer roles to access this feature.

A Projects List Page displays all projects at-a-glance and can be filtered by category, start timeframe, and status.

Define Your Taxonomies First

Set up these taxonomies before creating Projects:

  • Category
  • Project Start Timeframe
  • Project End Timeframe
  • Project Status

Add a Project

(* = required field)

1. In the Drupal admin menu, go to Content Add Content > Project.

2. Enter required Project Title*.

3. Select an optional Start Timeframe, End Timeframe, or both. Start typing and then select a taxonomy term from the auto-suggest dropdown.

4. Enter additional Timeline Details.

5. Select a Status. Start typing and then select a taxonomy term from the auto-suggest dropdown.

Admin interface to add Timeline information to a Project – including start/end timeframes, details, and status

6. Add Featured Image.

  • This is the primary image shown on a Project item, and it will display in teasers and lists.
  • Featured image will be cropped to a 3:2 ratio. High quality, landscape-oriented photos work best.

7. Add a short Summary of the Project.

  • Summaries are displayed in teasers and lists, and they are limited to 255 characters.

8. Add Description text into Body.

9. Enter an optional Action Button Link, which will display as a button. 

Admin interface for Project Action Button Links – including fields for URL and Link text

10. Enter information on the project's Member(s), Leader(s), and Sponsor(s).

11. Add Contact information.

12. Add a URL and Link Text for any Related Link(s).

  • For internal links, start typing and then select a content item from the auto-suggest dropdown.

13. Enter text about Related Courses.

14. Choose all applicable Categories.

  • Categories are used for filtering items on the Projects list page or Project List content block.
  • Categories are also used to populate the Related Projects section on the bottom of an individual Project item. Other Project items tagged with the same Category term will display.

Project Example

Click on the item below to view a live example of a Project item.

Building the Project Content Type

October 2022 - December 2022
[This is the Summary field.] The Sites@Duke Pro team planned, designed, and built the Project Content Type in response to customer feedback and requests.