Policies are files uploaded to your site or links to guidelines on your site or external sites.

Users must have the Policy Creator or Policy Reviewer roles to access this feature.

A Policies List Page displays all policies at-a-glance and can be filtered by category and policy type.

Define Your Taxonomies First

Set up these taxonomies before creating Policies:

  • Category
  • Policy Type

Add a Policy

(* = required field)

1. In the Drupal admin menu, go to Content Add Content > Policy.

2. Enter required Policy Title*.

3. If applicable, select NetID Required.

4. If the Policy's content already lives on another webpage, add an Alternate Link.

  • To link to an item hosted on another site (e.g., PDF on a government website), enter the link to the item, using the format http://example.com, and the Title will link to this URL.
  • To link to an internal page, start typing the title of a piece of content to select it.
  • To link to an internal file, enter the relative link – e.g., "/sites/default/files/report.pdf."

5. Enter a Summary.

  • Summaries are displayed in teasers and lists, and they are limited to 255 characters.

6. Add Description text into Body.

User interface to edit Policy content, including fields for the Policy Title, Summary, and Body

7. Enter the name of the policy's Owner(s).

8. Select the Issued Date, using the mm/dd/yyyy format.

9. Select the Last Revised Date – when the policy was last updated.

10. Select the Last Reviewed Date – when the policy was last reviewed, not necessarily updated.

11. Enter the Review Frequency timeframe.

User Interface to enter Policy Details: owner, issued date, last revised date, last reviewed date, and review frequency

12. Click Add Media to upload or select existing Related Document(s).

13. Add a URL and Link Text for any Related Link(s).

  • For internal links, start typing and then select a content item from the auto-suggest dropdown.

14. Choose all applicable Policy Types.

  • Policy Types are used for filtering items on the Policy list page.

15. Choose all applicable Categories.

  • Categories are used for filtering items on the Policy list page or Policy List content block.

Policy Example

Click on the item below to view a live example of a Policy item.

User Guide Example Policy

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