Your Site Name displays to the right of the Duke logo in the upper left corner of your website.

Screenshot of Duke logo and Site Name

You can manage this yourself through your Drupal administrative site – or, you can also provide a custom logo file (preferably when you first request a site) for the Sites Pro team to implement for you. Custom logos require a branding review and approval.

Please note that the header background color (blue vs. white) is a selection made upon site request and cannot be edited by site admins.

Enter Site Name & Choose Homepage

(* = required field)

1. Go to Structure > Site Information in the main navigation menu.

Main Structure Menu showing Site Information

2.  Enter the Site Name - Prefix if applicable.

  • This will appear in both the header and footer.
  • Example: "Office of"

3.  Enter the Site Name*.

  • This will appear in both the header and footer.

4.  Select a Homepage*. Start typing the name of the page you want to be your homepage and select it from the auto-suggest dropdown.

Page Title Displays on Preview

When previewing homepage content on your Drupal Admin Site, you may see a large gray band that says "Homepage" in the middle of the content area.

This will only appear for logged-in users on the Drupal Admin Site. General site visitors will not see this when they visit your homepage (on the front-end production website).