An FAQs List is a short list of FAQ question & answer items filtered by one taxonomy term.

To create the FAQ items to display in the list, please go to Creating FAQ documentation.

Add an FAQs List

1. When editing a Page, click Add a Content Block and choose FAQs List.

2. Enter an Administrative Title [1].

3. Enter a Display Title [2].

4. Choose Number of Items (1 – 100) to display in the FAQs List.

5. Choose an optional Category [3] that displays all FAQs within the category. FAQs will display in alphabetical order.

Please note that after creating an FAQs List, it may take up to 10 minutes for the FAQs to display.

Ordering your FAQs

FAQs Lists cannot list individual FAQs in a custom order. They will display in alphabetical order.

If the order is important to you, here are a few workarounds to consider:

  1. If your list is relatively short, you can use Content References to build the list in your desired order.
  2. If your content does not need to be reusable in multiple places across the site, consider building your list using Accordions – as they look and function almost the same as FAQs.
  3. Add a number at the beginning of your Title field to set the order – for example, "01. FAQ Title" will appear before "02. FAQ Title" in an alphabetical FAQ List. Think through the order before you enter your FAQs to avoid constantly readjusting the numbers!

Example FAQs List


FAQ List Display Title

There are no FAQ items to show.