The Media Library stores uploaded media items for easy reuse throughout the site, so you won't have to re-upload and manage each instance of the media item separately.

Accessing the Media Library

1. Go to Content > Media in the main navigation menu.

Screenshot of Media menu item for accessing the Media Library

Using the Media Library

List View

2. Click the + Add media [2] button if you would like to add a new Audio track, Document file, Image, or Video.

3. All of your Media (audio tracks, document files, images, and videos) will display in a list format [3].

4. You can choose to Edit, Clone, or Delete [4] media items from the Media library.

Screenshot of the media library list view of media items


Grid View

5. Select Grid [5] view in order to see larger versions of your images in a grid format and to be able to filter the media list [6].

6. The Action [7] menu allows you to Delete media, Publish media, Save media, and Unpublish media.

  • Select the Action [7] you want to perform.
  • Choose media items [8] by selecting the checkbox next to each media item you want to apply the action.
  • Click the Apply to selected items [9] button.
Screenshot of the media library grid view of media items




Editing and Previewing Media

1. Click the Pencil icon on the desired piece of media. 

Screenshot showing placement of the pencil edit icon on a piece of media

2. From this Edit screen, you can update the media's name, alternative text, focal point, published/unpublished status, and even replace or update the media file itself.

3. From the Edit screen, click the Preview link below the media preview to view how that media displays at different sizes.

Screenshot showing location of Preview link on a piece of media


To replace a file:

  • Image files: Click Remove, and then re-add the image.
  • Audio, Document, and Video files: By default, the media library will overwrite the original file. This is best practice.
    • If overwriting, the replacement upload needs to be the same file type as the original.
    • Overwriting the file will:
      • Preserve the URL so direct links to it will not break.
      • Prevent old versions of the same file from accumulating in the system
    • One instance where you may want to uncheck the checkbox is when the file name itself is problematic - for example, if it contains special characters or spaces. These may keep the file from opening correctly in a browser.
Screenshot of replace file screen. There is a "choose file" selector and the option to overwrite the original file.

Deleting Media

1. From the Media Library, click the Pencil icon on the desired piece of media. 

2. From this Edit screen, click the red Delete link at the bottom.

Important Note: Due to system constraints, deleted files may still be accessible within the file system. If the deleted file needs to be completely removed from the system (e.g., it contains misleading or sensitive information), please contact the Sites Pro team for assistance.