Scholars@Duke Profiles are pulled into your site from Scholars@Duke.

To import Scholars Profiles:

To edit Scholars Profiles:

  • Only certain fields can be edited in Drupal:
    • URI
    • Additional Information
    • Taxonomies (Category, Organizational Unit, Profile Group, and Profile Type)
    • Related Content
  • All other changes must be made directly in Scholars Your changes will automatically update to your site. Typically, information from Scholars is refreshed every 1-2 days.

IMPORTANT: Avoid losing your work

Any changes made to the Name field or "Imported from Scholars@Duke" section on a Scholars@Duke Profile item in Drupal will be overwritten by the content from Scholars@Duke, and your changes will be lost.

To tag Scholars Profiles with taxonomy terms:

Scholars@Duke Profiles Taxonomies
  • Scholars Profiles have four local taxonomies you can edit directly on your website: Category, Organizational Unit, Profile Group, and Profile Type. You may tag a Scholars Profile with multiple terms for each of these taxonomies, and they will not by overwritten by content from Scholars@Duke.
  • To add or edit tags, edit a Scholars Profile and scroll down to the taxonomy fields. After managing your terms, make sure to save the page.
  • You can use these taxonomy terms to display Scholars Profiles on your site using People List content blocks.

To hide certain Scholars Profiles:

  • Edit the desired Scholars Profile, deselect the Published checkbox, and Save.
  • This will prevent the profile from appearing on the site – in search results or any lists of Scholars Profiles. Unpublished Scholars Profiles will not be synchronized when your site's Scholars feed updates.
  • Editors can still access and edit unpublished Scholars Profiles and can republish them by checking the Published checkbox.

To view Scholars Profiles:

  • Scholars Profiles will automatically be listed on your site's Content Type List Pages – at /faculty and /students by default.
  • You can display Scholars Profiles using People List content blocks.