For Advanced Users:

The Page and Story content types offer additional search engine optimization (SEO) features. These are available under the Meta Tags section of a page.

Helpful SEO Tips

Keep your Page title to 65 characters or less and your Description to 160 characters or less. The number of characters includes spaces.

Search engines typically shorten Page titles and Descriptions that are longer than this in their search results.

Edit Meta Tags

1. Go to a Page or Story you've created.

2. Open the Meta Tags expand/collapse section on the right-hand side of the page.

Screenshot showing Meta Tags section on a page

3. You can edit the Page title and Description.

  • Page title: Currently, whatever you've entered as the Title for your Page is what is used for the Page title Meta Tag. You can edit the Meta Tag for this, especially if your page title is very long.
    • Delete the text, "[current-page:title]" or "[node:title]", and add your own title.
    • Keep your Page title to 65 characters or less (including spaces) since search engines will generally shorten titles longer than this in search results.
  • Description: The Description Meta Tag can be used by search engines to display in search results.
    • Delete the text, "[node:...]" text, and add your own description.
    • Keep your Description to 160 characters or less (including spaces) since search engines will generally shorten descriptions longer than this in search results.
Screenshot of Meta Tags fields, Page title and Description

4. Do not use the Abstract and Keywords fields since they are no longer used by most search engines.

5. Be sure to Save any changes you make.

Meta Tags Overview from Google

Learn more about meta tags and how the description is used in search results.